Here are the archived shows. Enjoy!

Alex Laws is an intuitive consultant and creator or Rythmatic Meditation. He has 27 years experience as an entrepreneur and businessman with a passion for endurance athletics. By combining your powers of spirit, mind and body he will show you how to know no bounds.

Jack Barriteau is a commercial, residential and office mixed-use developer who focuses on upscale neighborhoods and urban retail projects. 

Brad Cleveland is known globally as one of the foremost experts in customer strategy, management and service delivery. A pioneer in the industry, he has been a driving force in defining customer service value and processes for delivering that value while creating lifetime customers.

Darrel Harris spends her life trying to figure out how to create meaningful social change and create communities that foster and support healthy relationships. With the help of the novel program Green Dot she focuses on the power of the bystander to put an end to power based personal violence one dot at a time. 

Karelia Dubkowski is an international artist, a Professor of Art Education Methods and Multicultural Arts, and adventure traveler.

Midge Patzer is an author, speaker and life coach. She has worked in education and training for over thirty years. She has developed a groundbreaking process called the Psychology of Success, which focuses on unlocking personal power for adults and adolescents.

Mike Scullion is the heart and soul behind KDPI radio, learn what it is about radio, music and this valley that makes his relationship with music and community radio run so deep.

Sonia Sommer is a sought after practitioner of structural integration for those seeking real transformation and personal evolution, relief from physical pain, control of their wellbeing and realignment of their lives through body, mind and spiritual vitality.

Ted Ayliffe is the founder, CEO and President of ORFLO and E.I.Spectra, a bioengineer with a penchant for invention. 

Tyia Wilson is a successful singer, songwriter and Las Vegas performer who has cultivated her spirit right along with her beautiful voice.

Brian Boitano is an Olympic Champion Figure skater and amazing entertainer, both on and off the ice - not to mention wonderful chef. Brian is a man of firsts, both on the ice and in the kitchen. 

Caroline Woodham discusses the art and business of her life as a photographer.

Doniece Sandoval is delivering dignity one shower at a time. She is the founder of Lave Mae, a nonprofit mobile shower project for San Francisco’s over 6,000 homeless. Lave Mae is refitting decommissioned Muni-buses and parking them in accessible locations to serve those in need. 

Joseph Castle highly acclaimed sculpture discusses his relationship to his art and the art’s relationship to the spaces in which it resides. 

Liz Roquet talks all about coffee, roasting,  sustainability, artistry, relationships and cool machinery.

Meg Vorm owner of Cornerstone Bar and Grill talks about restaurant design, management and marketing in a small resort town.

Michelle Kramer creates personalized road maps to health. She is a health coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and works with her clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding

Rebeccca Rusch is one of the world’s preeminent endurance athletes and known as the Queen of pain a reputation earned through 10 years as a successful professional Adventure Racer including the Eco Challenge.

Sara Shepard is a Site Vamp, an expert in social media, search engine optimization and the changing, or more accurately, changed world of communication and messaging.

David Holmes talks about education. He is the headmaster of the Community School. 

Dr. Deborah Robertson is head of the ER in the small town of Ketchum, Idaho at St. Luke’s Hospital. She talks about how her approach to the