Final Episode of "It's Relationship" on KDPI-fm today!

Today is the final episode of my radio show, "It's Relationship."  I've been producing and hosting this show for the last few years on KDPI-fm. My new show, "That Got Me Thinking" will begin airing next week, with some exciting guests lined up: One Bad Mother, Promom, and Ted Talk speaker, Lauren Singer - Trash is for Tossers. You can tune in live or listen to pre-recorded shows at

Over the years, I've interviewed artists, inventors, authors, actors, athletes, musicians and more. All of my shows have been focused around my guests' relationships with their craft, their passions, themselves and their communities - private and public. For my last show I've decided to replay one of my earliest shows, one I did with Gary Quinn and his unique relationship with angels. Thanks for joining us.