A Prime Example

I recently saw an article on Houzz, entitled "Should You Make Your Bed? We Talked to the Experts." And, if you read my blog post "Fact or Fiction" you know seeing this article got me a little revved up! First off, the only expert to ask if you "should" make your bed is you. Second, the only question to ask this expert (yourself) is if making your bed gives you a spark of joy? 

Personally, I know I like my bed to be made. I don't need to ask the experts. I make my bed 5 minutes before I go to sleep if for some strange reason I haven't made it earlier. i like to get into a made bed. Sometimes I check in, I don't make it and then see how I feel during the day looking at in and then I get in the un-made bed and see if it's still true that I like to make my bed. So far, it's a rock solid, Yes! I like my bed to be made, even though I don't always like making it - but that's a different blog post.

So, thanks to Houzz, this is is a prime example and a perfect place to practice "This or that, fact or ficiton? Test it out. Strengthen your authentic self muscles. Yes or no? Like or don't like? Want or don't want? It or not it?