Trolling For a Fight

I recently spent a few days with a group of friends in relatively small quarters. The first few days went swimmingly well. By day four, one of the group started trolling for a fight. I noticed she began to poke and prod. She was throwing out snares by asking what appeared to be innocuous questions, unconsciously attempting to get the recipients engaged in a disagreement. The group dynamic can be tough to navigate. People often sacrifice their individual interests and needs to get along. Often we go along with things we'd rather not, and we don't speak up - all in the name of congeniality. The problem is these minor disappointments, frustrations and infractions build up until we snap, and all that pent up emotion comes tumbling out. So... be honest with yourself and others. Check in; pay attention to what you do and don't really care about, and speak up about it at the time. Honor everybody's boundaries, including your own.