Look Where You Want to Go

Eyes on the prize. In general, in most of life's situations, it is a good idea to look where you want to go and point in the aforementioned direction. I've lived in the Sawtooth mountains for the past 12 years, immersed in a community of uber athletes and outdoorsmen. And wether it is barreling down a hill on a mountain bike, riding a raft on a Class four river or carving down a steep mountain slope, the expert's advice is always the same "look where you want to go." And it's just as true when navigating through your relationships. You've got to acknowledge where it is you are and know where it is you would like to go. Then focus your attention purposefully on that goal. Assessing your options, figuring out what you really desire, and making choices and decisions will all get muddled it you are too focused on the past or the current unsatisfactory situation. To appreciate what is actually in the realm of possibility, avoid unnecessary collisions and then effectuate positive change to get there, you've got to look where you want to go.