Any Thinking Person Would agree...

"Uh...hmmmm,  no!" We are all thinking people. When you say, or think, the statement that any thinking person would agree, what you really mean, whether you realize it or not, is that any person who thinks like you think would agree - and the population that thinks exactly like you think is a teeny, tiny population of 1. 

We are all thinking people, but we don't all think alike, even if we share some of the same thoughts. There is no "right" way to think. There is no "right" thought. We all have opinions -some are fact based, others are mere opinion. We hold individual absolutes. We experience our own unique reality. We get into trouble when we project our absolutes, or our perspective based solely on personal experience, onto others - as if there exists an absolute experience- the "right" one.

The problem is, this kind of thinking leads us down the primrose path to shoulds and shoulds lead us away from individual interest and perspective to a "universal ought to"  and to diametrically opposed positions.  It separates us and pushes us farther into polarization. We become disconnected from one another  and entrenched in our thoughts. We are forced to the corners of the two sides of what is now a divisive issue. And that's too bad.